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Wisconsin Setting

Buzz Off by Hannah Reed

Moraine Wisconsin is a wide spot on a Rustic Road in Waukesha County.  Story Fischer runs the grocery store in a converted church, and studies beekeeping with her friend Manny Chapman.  And then Manny is stung to death.  Not by his honeybees, Story is sure, but by yellow jackets, with the bees serving to cover the fact that this is murder.  We learn a lot about beekeeping, Wisconsin’s Rustic road designation, and local products featured in Story’s grocery in "Buzz Off" by Hannah Reed. Fun for everyone, but especially Wisconsinites. First of a series; there are 4 out now.

Time Travel

River of No Return by Bee Ridgway

In River of No Return by Bee Ridgway, Lord Nicholas Falcott should have died on the battlefield of Salamanca in 1812.  Instead, he jumped though time to 2003, where he was taken in by the Guild, a group of other who had jumped forward in time.  They tell him he can never go back, and he must make a new life in the U.S.  Then, in 2013, the Guild calls on him to go home—to jump back to England and save the future.  Amazingly good. 

Final Alex Rider Novel

Russian Roulette by Anthony HorowitzYes, I know this is a children's/young adult book, but this adult loved the series.  Anthony Horowtiz has been writing Alex Rider books since 2001 starting with Stormbreaker.  His main character is a 14 year old British boy who becomes a spy for M16.  His deceased parents and uncle were members and he becomes forced to join the espionage ranks.   "Russian Roulette" is the eighth and final Alex Rider book.  Horowitz takes you back to the beginning of the Alex Rider's story.  Readers learn about Yassen Gregorovich who eventually became Alex's enemy.  This is Yassen's story - a Russian youth on his own, parents gone and living the streets.  How did Yassen become the assassin he is?  All of the Alex Rider books are fast paced and action packed.  Recommended for kids and adults.

Life of Pi

Our Monday Movie Matinee, Oct. 21 at 1:00 pm will feature Life of Pi which won 4 Academy Awards including Best Director, Ang Lee.  If you enjoyed reading the book, our Spotlight may have titles that you would enjoy.

American Boy

American Boy by Larry WatsonLarry Watson's evocative coming of age story, "American Boy," takes place in the small town of Willow Falls, Minnesota.  Matthew Garth, a high school student, is best friends with the son of the local doctor.  Matthew's mom is a waitress, and his father is out of the picture.  When a local woman is shot by her boyfriend, Matthew and the doctor's son assist his father with the medical treatment.  Even heroes aren't perfect, and Matthew learns that everyone has secrets and weaknesses.


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