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Ruth Rendell

No Man's Nightingale by Ruth Rendell
Author Ruth Rendell, who also wrote under the pen name Barbara Vine recently passed away.  She was known for her dark, pointed and intellectual psychological thrillers.  She is the author of the Inspector Reginald Wexford mysteries (the most recent "No Man's Nightingale")  Her next book is scheduled for December, "Dark Corners."  As Barbara Vine, she wrote recent titles such as "The Child's Child," and "The Birthday Present."  NoveList recommends these read-alike authors:  Patricia Highsmith, Minette Walters and Elizabeth George.

Staff Pick

The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow
Forgotten Seamstress
by Liz Trenow
Intertwining stories, one from the present and the other beginning in 1911, united by a pieced quilt.  Marie learned to sew in a London orphanage, and was selected to help with the work leading to the coronation of King George and Queen Mary in 1911.  When the royal family needs to get rid of her, lest she spill embarrassing secrets, she is hospitalized in a mental institution.  The quilt she makes in the hospital is decorated with clues.  Meanwhile, in the present, a young woman must help sort out the contents of her mother’s attic . . . and finds a quilt.

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