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Surviving the World of Identity Theft and Scammers

Swiped by Adam LevinI saw this book on the shelf (can't miss it with the bright red cover) and thought maybe I would learn something about scammers.  Boy, did I ever.  Swiped: how to protect yourself in a world full of scammers, phishers, and identity thieves by Adam Levin should be required reading for everyone - young and old.  The book consists of 4 parts:  an Overview of the problem, the Basics of what you can do, the Many Types of Identity Theft and Resources and Terms.  The last part, Resources and Terms, includes a 30 page section on existing scams.  Levin talks about the Three Ms which are minimize your exposure, monitor your accounts and manage the damage.  If you follow these, your life will be less painful when "you get got."  He recommends looking at your credit cards and bank account daily, in addition to running a credit report every 4 months.  What's really scary is even if you or a family member passes away, you're still apt to "get got"

Holiday Traditions

Next week is Thanksgiving and the beginning for many holiday traditions.  I grew up in New Jersey where Thanksgiving morning was spent watching the Macy's Parade from New York City.  I was fortunate one year to actually go to the parade and experience it first hand.  What a great time I had watching all the balloons go past, going to the F.A.O. Swarz toy store, looking at the Christmas windows of Macy's and other department stores, then heading to Rockefeller Center to look at the tree and ice skaters.  Many families spend Thanksgiving weekend buying their tree and decorating the house and tree.  Here are some books to get you ready for your holiday traditions.


Great Reads of 2015

Great Reads of 2015 It's November and that marks the beginning of "Best of 2015" List Season! I know, it starts earlier every year. Lots of great books out this year. If you want to see what some of us here at the library thought were great reads, click on the image to the right to download and view the "Great Reads in 2015" presentation. Compiled by Janice Dibble and Michael McArthur of the Reference & Adult Services Department and presented to the Learning in Retirement group at Evergreen Retirement Community, this presentation highlights some of the fiction and nonfiction books that really stood out this year! It's by no means an exhaustive list; just some titles that made a mark on us this year.

Click here to download the handout which includes all the titles from the presentation, along with many other notalbe books which are sure to show up on other "best of 2015" lists this season!

Meet the Author - Leila Meacham

Roses by Leila MeachamTumbleweeds by Leila MeachamSomerset by Leila Meacham

If you enjoy family sagas or multigenerational stories, then Leila Meacham is an author you should check out.  "Roses" is the story of two founding families (Tolivers and Warwicks) in a small East Texas town, circa 1914-1985.  "Tumbleweeds" is about a small-town love triangle against the backdrop of Texas football.  In "Somerset," Meacham returns to the Tolivers and Warwicks in the prequel to "Roses."  According to her publisher's website, the next published book by the author, "Titans" will be released in April 2016.

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