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Animal Adoption

One Big Happy Family by LIsa Rogak
"One Big Happy Family"
by Lisa Rogak tells about animal adoption with a twist - the animals themselves are doing the adopting.  Some of the stories that will pull at your heartstrings are a boxer and a kid goat, a great dane and his fawn and the unbelievable combination of a lioness and antelope calf.  Each story is accompanied by a picture of the unusual partnership.  According to John C. Wright, "It's not unusual for animals to be nurturing towards any species.  The instinct to care for another animal can be hormonal, or simply related to age."   For all animal lovers.

50 Children

50 Children by Steven Pressman
50 Children : one ordinary American couple's extraordinary rescue mission into the heart of Nazi Germany
by Steven Pressman is a powerful read.  It is an amazing true story of a couple who wouldn't give up when others said they would not be able to bring 50 Jewish children to the United States.  A Jewish lawyer, Gilbert Kraus and his wife Eleanor travel to Nazi-controlled Vienna to rescue the children.  Follow them as they travel between Vienna and Berlin to obtain the necessary paperwork, interview parents and their children and make the heart wrenching decisions of who will leave with them.  Some of the parents knew they may never see their child again, but wanted them to leave the horror of what may be in their future.

The Secret Rooms

The Secret Rooms by Catherine Bailey
For those who love both mysteries and history, this book "The Secret Rooms: A True Story of a Haunted Castle, a Plotting Duchess, and a Family Secret is a wonderful find.  Catherine Bailey went to Belvoir Castle to use the letters of the Manners Family in writing about the effect of the Great War on the Leicestershire homefront.  What she found was a six-month-long gap in the letters of John, the eldest son and future duke of Rutland, who was serving with the 4th Leicesters near Ypres.  As she searched for an explanation, she found two other gaps.  What was the duke trying to hide?  Ms. Bailey, takes us on her search for answers, providing a fascinating example of how historians work.

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