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Life of Pi

Our Monday Movie Matinee, Oct. 21 at 1:00 pm will feature Life of Pi which won 4 Academy Awards including Best Director, Ang Lee.  If you enjoyed reading the book, our Spotlight may have titles that you would enjoy.

American Boy

American Boy by Larry WatsonLarry Watson's evocative coming of age story, "American Boy," takes place in the small town of Willow Falls, Minnesota.  Matthew Garth, a high school student, is best friends with the son of the local doctor.  Matthew's mom is a waitress, and his father is out of the picture.  When a local woman is shot by her boyfriend, Matthew and the doctor's son assist his father with the medical treatment.  Even heroes aren't perfect, and Matthew learns that everyone has secrets and weaknesses.

Shoot the Dog

Shoot the Dog by Brad Smith

A couple of self-important movie producers make rancher Virgil Cain an offer he can’t refuse, in Brad Smith’s “Shoot the Dog.” They’ll give him $500 a day to rent his work horses, and another $500 for Virgil to be on set as the wrangler. Not that Virgil wants to hang around a movie set, but his taxes are coming due soon. Readers who enjoy Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey will enjoy the not-quite-right characters who make up the movie crew.


Apocalypse Cow

Apocalypse Cow by Michael Logan

“Forget the cud, they want blood.”  When a cow in a Scottish abattoir refused to die, little did the world foresee a time when the cows, bunnies, and squirrels would turn into flesh-eating zombies. A slaughterhouse worker joins forces with an inept journalist and a teenage vegan to save Britain from the chipmunks who are out for blood. “Apocalypse Cow” is Michael Logan’s first novel, and it’s the joint winner of the first Terry Pratchett Anywhere but Here, Anywhere but Now Award.

The Case of the Man who Died Laughing

Author Tarquin Hall really knows how to set the stage in his book, "The Case of the Man who Died Laughing."  The sights and sounds of modern India are a major part of this intriguing mystery.  Private investigator Vish Puri looks into the death of Dr. Suresh Jha, well-known for unmasking fraudulent swamis and godmen.  Dr. Jha died in a fit of laughter at his morning yoga class when a vision of the goddess Kali appeared in a cloud of smoke and ran him through with a sword.  While Puri is trying to find the murderer, his wife and mother have a mystery of their own.  During one of their ladies' get-togethers, two masked bandits robbed them.  They're determined to solve the crime, without telling Puri.  The audiobook, narrated by Sam Dastor, is wonderfully entertaining.  Highly recommended, especially to readers of Alexander McCall Smiths's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series.

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