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Star Date

Star Date: November 18, 2013.  To go boldly where no man has gone before.  OPL will be showing "Star Trek: Into Darkness" at the Monday Movie Matinee in the lower level meeting at 1:00.  Free popcorn!  Our Spotlight this month suggests some Star Trek reads.

Lego Phenomenon

A Million Little Bricks by Sarah Herman
A Million Little Bricks: the unofficial illustrated history of the Lego phenomenon
by Sarah Herman, is a definite book for Lego fanatics.  This history takes you from the beginning of the company in the workshop of a Danish carpenter to present day.  Color illustrations throughout the book gives the reader a look at the various Lego products that have been produced over the years.  Readers will learn that Samsonite, yes the luggage company, won the bid back in the 60's to manufacture Legos in the U.S., how Legos are made and how the company came back from economic problems in early 2000.  Non-fanatics will enjoy portions of the book.

Wisconsin Setting

Buzz Off by Hannah Reed

Moraine Wisconsin is a wide spot on a Rustic Road in Waukesha County.  Story Fischer runs the grocery store in a converted church, and studies beekeeping with her friend Manny Chapman.  And then Manny is stung to death.  Not by his honeybees, Story is sure, but by yellow jackets, with the bees serving to cover the fact that this is murder.  We learn a lot about beekeeping, Wisconsin’s Rustic road designation, and local products featured in Story’s grocery in "Buzz Off" by Hannah Reed. Fun for everyone, but especially Wisconsinites. First of a series; there are 4 out now.

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