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Movie Matinee

Ok, you weren't invited to George's wedding, but you can see him at our Monday Movie Matinee, Oct. 20 at 1:00 pm.  He will be appearing in the "Monuments Men," the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, an unlikely World War II platoon is tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their owners.  If you wanted to learn more about the art thefts during World War II, check out our Spotlight page this month for some recommended titles.

Back to School

Jump-Starting Boys by Pam WithersThinking Organized for Parents and Children by Rhona GordonTalkers, Watchers & Doers by Cheri FullerThe Launching Years by Laura KastnerA Parent's Guide to Tutors and Tutoring by James MendelsohnSchool Power by Jeanne Shay Schumm

School is in session!  Are you and your student ready for another year?  School shouldn't be stressful for parents or students.  The library's education section offers readings to help parents through the school years.

School Power: study skill strategies for succeeding in school by Jeanne Shay Schumm
Step-by-step instructions, practical advice, and insider tips from real students cover every conceivable topic, from how to get organized and create a study space to how to take notes, write papers, prepare speeches, follow directions, set goals, handle long-range assignments, and much more.

Jump-Starting Boys: help your reluctant learner find success in school and life by Pam Withers
"Offers tips and tools for parents, rather than teachers, demonstrating how home life can make a dramatic difference in performance and confidence levels at school. Topics include increasing boys' interest in reading and writing, helping boys who are underachieving in math and science, identifying physical difficulties, and emphasizing the importance of male role models in boys' lives." From Library Journal

Thinking Organized for Parents and Children: helping kids get organized for home, school and play by Rhona M. Gordon
"Writing primarily for students in grades 5–12, her book focuses on improving executive-function skills by teaching six key strategies: material organization, time management, learning styles and studying, memory tools, note taking for reading comprehension, and written language skills." From Library Journal

Talkers, Watchers, and Doers: unlocking your child's unique learning style by Cheri Fuller
"Supplies insight into the various ways we take in information, whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, with clear guidance on how to make the most of a child's learning strengths while minimizing weaknesses." From Library Journal

Parent's Guide to Tutors and Tutoring: how to support the unique needs of your child by James R. Mendelsohn
This book "offers a survival guide for helping parents decide whether or not to hire a tutor; advice for choosing the right person; and ideas for evaluating if the job is well done. In addition, the book includes suggestions for selecting a tutor for kids with special needs and shows what it takes to tutor for an individual child's unique weaknesses and strengths."  From Amazon

The Launching Years: strategies for parenting from senior year to college life by Laura S. Kastner and Jennifer Wyatt
"Part one of the book focuses on issues of senior year in high school: the arduous college application process, senioritis, prom, and graduation. Part two focuses on the first year of college: parenting from afar, sad siblings, and helping the college student deal with issues from grades to drugs to sexual freedom. This is a useful resource for parents facing the imminent departure of their children to college." From Booklist

Learning Without Boundaries: how to make virtual schooling work.
An explanation of virtual public schooling, where students attend from home. Combines the strong parental involvement of home schooling, the expertise and accountability of publicly funded education, and the flexibility of online classes. Offers tips and advice from parents and Connections Academy staff, many applicable to K-12 students in any setting.

Mason Jar Crafts

DIY Mason Jars
When you're done with canning & preserving for the year, but still have a ton of Mason jars lying around the house, check out this book.   DIY Mason Jars: thirty five creative crafts & projects for the classic container can be enjoyed by both adults and older children.  The book is divided into parts:  In the Kitchen, Around the Home, Fun and Festivities and Useful Jars.  The author also provides some basic information on Mason jars.  Did  you know that they been around since Napoleon?  Some of the easier projects are a cheese shaker, Mason fabric frames and sprouting jars.  Unique projects include Lidd-dle Pumpkin (made out of the screw bands) and Pendant Lighting.  Save yourself some money by making your own Mason Jar straw tumbler instead of buying them at the store.

Eye on the Sky

Warbirds by John FredriksenLords of the Sky by Dan HamptonViper Pilot by Dan HamptonApache Dawn by Damien LewisHeart of the Storm by Edward FlemingAircraft: the definitive visual history

EAA AirVenture has wrapped up for another year.  Still have aviation on your mind.  Try some of these books for our collection.

Warbirds: an illustrated guide to U.S. military aircraft, 1915-2000 by John Fredriksen
"In this book sized for the coffee table, Fredriksen provides portraits of 327 US warplanes, WW I to the present. Included are fighters, bombers, transports, flying boats, trainers, helicopters, reconnaissance aircraft, and several lesser-known types. Each entry includes one black-and-white photograph and provides information concerning physical dimensions (including weight), engines, performance, armament, and in many cases, pedigree."  Choice Review

Lords of the Sky: fighter pilots and air combat, from the Red Baron to the F-17 by Dan Hampton
"The first comprehensive popular history of combat aviation--a unique, entertaining, and action-packed look at the aces of the air and their machines, from the Red Baron and his triplane in World War I to today's technologically expert flying warriors in supersonic jets."

Aircraft: the definitive visual history
"From the first prototypes of flying machines to today's supersonic jets, the history and roles of aircraft are explored in this beautifully illustrated guide. Planes are divided equally between military and commercial aircraft, and iconic aircraft of each era, such as the Supermarine Spitfire and Concorde, are showcased in beautifully photographed spreads with "virtual tours" that reveal the anatomy of these legendary planes."

50 Aircraft that Changed the World by Ron Dick
"50 of history's foremost planes with profiles of their pilots and designers. There's the Wright brothers' 1905 Flyer, along with the Douglas World Cruiser, De Havilland's Mosquito, the Messerschmitt Bf-109, the Boeing B-17, the P-51 Mustang, the Lockheed Constellation, the Learjet, and the Boeing jetliners, to name just a few. There are 300 engaging color and black-and-white photographs to delight aircraft buffs."  Booklist

Viper Pilot: a memoir of air combat by Dan Hampton
"Hampton, one of America's most renowned fighter pilots-a retired, decorated Air Force lieutenant colonel-shares a brash and bold account of his 20 year military service in this fast-paced adventure memoir." Publishers Weekly

Heart of the Storm: my adventures as a helicopter rescue pilot and commander by Edward L. Fleming
"During his 30 years in the Air Force and Air National Guard, Fleming made a career of descending from the sky to pluck disaster victims from the jaws of floods, storms, sharks and polar white-outs." Publishers Weekly

Apache Dawn: always outnumbered, never outgunned by Damien Lewis
"The dramatic story of two Apache attack helicopters in Afghanistan in this intense and sobering narrative. Lewis focuses on the four pilots of a single flight-identified by its radio call sign, Flight Ugly-of the British Army Air Corps's 622 Squadron as they deployed to Afghanistan's remote and rugged Helmand Province for a 100-day tour in the summer of 2007." Publishers Weekly

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