Riding ShotgunNovember HuntThe Weedless Widow

Baker, Deb
Murder Grins and Bears It
Murder Passes the Buck
(U.P., Mich.)

Barr, Nevada
Hunting Season

Brown, Rita Mae
Riding Shotgun

Brownlee, Nick

Clare, Alys
Mist Over the Water (YA)

Dickinson, David
Death in a scarlet coat

Galligan, John
The Clinch Knot
The Nail Knot

Gill, Bartholomew
Death on a Cold Wild River

Hall, James W.

Hammond, Gerald
Illegal Tender

Houston, Victoria
Dead Angler
Dead Creek
Dead Deceiver
Dead Frenzy
Dead Renegade
Dead Tease

Lott, Brett
Hunt Club

Lourey, Jess
November Hunt : a murder-by-month mystery

McGrath, M. J.
White heat

McCafferty, Keith
The Royal Wulff Murders

Medawar, Mardi
Murder on the Red Cliff Rez

Morgan, Deborah
The Weedless Widow

Spillane, Mickey
Something's Down There

Stabenow, Dana
Hunter’s Moon

Straka, Andy
A Killing Sky

White, Randy Wayne