Winnebagoland Genealogical Society Meeting


Thursday, November 6, 2014 - 7:00pm

Note the date change. (The regular program night is the same as the Oshkosh Holiday Parade.)

Gathering the “Greats:” Gramps, Gran and beyond
Presented by Mara Munroe

Remember Grandpa?  Did he teach you to milk a cow or drive a stick shift? And Grandma?  Was her specialty doughnuts? Homemade noodles?  Oatmeal cookies? 

Now, what about their grandparents—or beyond?  We’ll look at sources of information about the people who preceded the ones you recall.   All those ancestors came together to make you the person you are now.  Let’s find out where they came from, and maybe even why.

Oshkosh Public Library
lower level meeting room

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