Roger Bullis : Secrets of Successful Storytelling

Roger Bullis

Roger Bullis discusses "Secrets of Successful Storytelling: Structuring Screenplays and Novels." 
Thursday, Sept. 4 at 7 p.m.  Lower level meeting room.

Interested in writing the great American screenplay? The great American novel? Something that will capture a sizeable audience? Or, better yet, something that Hollywood will buy in the first place? Roger Bullis will discuss story, character, and dramatic structure necessary for creating fiction that sells.

Before you spend those long hours at the computer creating that potential masterpiece, learn what Hollywood and the book industry expect before they will invest their time and money in your project.

Dr. Roger Bullis served as Professor of Communication and Web and Digital Media Studies from 1971 to 2007 in the University of Wisconsin system, mostly at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. In addition he was a Department Head and an Acting College Dean.

Bullis has taught screenwriting, film and television production and has produced and directed award-winning film documentaries for UWSP.  Most recently he has taught on-line film courses including screenwriting for the University of Missouri at St. Louis.

Bullis wrote "Computer Shock: The Impact of Living and Working in a High-Tech World," an anthology first published electronically as computer "shareware" in 1987. This was one of the first if not the first electronic book or e-book and was featured and distributed on Compuserve and on various electronic systems overseas.

One of his former television/film students, Andy Kubitz, has served as Director of Program Planning and Scheduling at CBS Television.  Another former student, Peggy Rajski, received an Oscar for her short film, Trevor, in 1994.  And a third, Roger Cahak, received an Emmy award in 1996 for a documentary in the sports category.