Barns of Winnebago County

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Photo Collection of Barns by Photographer Michael Cooney

Once upon a time, these proud structures dotted the bucolic landscape. Michael has captured the essence of these vanishing structures in 260 photos.

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About the Photographer

Michael has a passion for the barns of Winnebago County, which he has been photographing for 20 years.  The challenge and reward is that in the right light, on the right day, even the most ordinary barn can take on a special life.  Working barns, restored barns and decaying barns each have their own charm and often evoke their heritage.

Born and raised in New London, Wis., where he lived on a farm, Michael spent many early days at the local library researching local geological and historical points of interest and then going out and finding them.   After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and spending two years in the Army, he worked for the Boy Scouts of America.  While obtaining his MBA at UW-Oshkosh, Michael "grazed" undergraduate classes in photography, film and television production and worked as a TV news stringer for WFRV-TV.

Currently, Michael is a partner in Workforce Communications, where he specializes in producing and directing commercials that appear in major TV markets across the country.  In addition, he is the editor of the Career Education Review as well as serving as travel writer and staff photographer for "N' magazine.


I grew up on the farm pictured in the township of Algoma on 729 N Washburn.  When I saw these pictures it moved me to tears. This farm is still what I consider truly to be "home". I have a couple of other pictures from 35+ years ago of the barn framed and hanging on my walls. Lots of fond memories. My father, who passed away last year, would have been so happy to see his farm honored in this way.  I thank you for such a beautiful look back into my childhood.

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