Oshkosh Online City Directories

No longer under lock and key, Oshkosh Public Library has digitized twenty-nine city directories spanning the years 1857 to 1922. Funding for the project was obtained from a grant from the Alberta Kimball Foundation and, at the request of Mayor Stephen Hintz, an appropriation from the Sesquicentennial Project Fund of the City of Oshkosh. Enjoy digging into your Oshkosh past through the contents of these directories.


Each directory has been divided into sections --

  • Surnames
  • Businesses
  • Street directories
  • and more!

Browse the collection to discover all kinds of interesting facts about historic Oshkosh as well as sketches of prominent people, local businesses and their advertisements, and views of Oshkosh.


Perform a comprehensive search of all twenty-nine directories to find out if your ancestor lived in Oshkosh during these years and to research the history of your house or family business.

Tip: Looking for a specific name? Try enclosing your search in quotes, such as: "Lastname, Firstname".

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