Oshkosh Food Co-op : Understanding the Experience

Food Co-op

Learn more about the Food Co-op experience from local guest panelists.
Tues., April 29 at 7 p.m. Lower level meeting room.

Think a food co-op is just another place to buy groceries? Organizers say the food co-op experience is about health and wellness, improving access to healthy food, building community and sustainability.  Learn more from these guest panelists:

Julia Salomon - dietician and public nutrition educator from Affinity Health System, Inc., on healthy eating and wellness.
Paul Van Auken - UWO Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, on the social impact of food co-ops on a community. 
Christine Kniep - Family Living Educator from UW-Extension, on low food access in Oshkosh and Food Deserts. 
Tom Wrchota - sustainable farmer at Cattleana Ranch for the last 20 years, on the importance of raising sustainable livestock.

Q&A to follow discussion.