Children's Paperbacks - August

Comics Squad : recess!
By: edited by Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm
Hidden : a child's story of the Holocaust
By: written by Loèic Dauvillier ; illustrated by Marc Lizano
Iris the colorful
By: Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
Livin' the life
By: adapted by Lexi Ryals
Marvel Avengers assemble
By: adapted by Joe Caramagna

Operation blue dragon
By: Stephen Dando-Collins
Stitches and stones
By: written by Chloe Taylor ; illustrated by Nancy Zhang
Stone Fox
By: John Reynolds Gardiner ; illustrated by Marcia Sewall
The cup of Ankh
By: adapted by Peter McGrath
The eye of Horus
By: adapted by Peter McGrath
The mask of Anubis
By: adapted by J. E. Bright
The shark whisperer
By: Ellen Prager with illustrations by Antonio Javi
The treasure of the Bermuda Triangle
By: Sir Steve Stevenson ; illustrated by Stefano Turco
Ultimate attack
By: Michael P. Spradlin
Who is Bob Dylan?
By: Jim O'Connor ; illustrated by John O'Brien
Who is Dolly Parton?
By: True Kelley ; illustrated by Stephen Marchesi
Who was Louis Braille?
By: Margaret Frith ; illustrated by Robert Squier
Who was Queen Victoria?
By: Jim Gigliotti ; illustrated by Max Hergenrother
You can bet on that
By: Jamie Kelly [i.e. Jim Benton]


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