Children's NonFiction - June

A listen to patriotic music
By: written by Sneed B. Collard III
Batsuits and capes : the science behind Batman's body armor
By: Agnieszka Biskup ; Batman created by Bob Kane

Feathers : not just for flying
By: Melissa Stewart ; illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen
By: Melanie Waldron
George Washington : the rise of America's first president
By: Agnieszka Biskup ; illustrated by Christian Mal
Healing days : a guide for kids who have experienced trauma
By: Susan Farber Straus, PhD ; illustrated by Maria Bogade
Kylie Jean party craft queen
By: Marne Ventura and Marci Peschke
Lego Star Wars : the visual dictionary
By: written by Simon Beecroft and Jason Fry
Light is all around us
By: Wendy Pfeffer ; illustrated by Paul Meisel
Louis Armstrong : jazz legend
By: Terry Collins ; illustrated by Richie Pope
Paper artist : creations kids can fold, tear, wear, or share
By: Gail D. Green, Kara L. Laughlin, and Jennifer Phillips
Professor Astro Cat's frontiers of space
By: Dominic Walliman ; illustrated by Ben Newman
Sarah Palin : political rebel
By: Nel Yomtov ; illustrated by Francesca D'Ottavi
The cult of LEGO
By: John Baichtal, Joe Meno
Wonderful Earth!
By: Nick Butterworth & Mick Inkpen


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