Farmer's Market raffle prize

Happy Monday, Y'all~


     Sometime this week a very happy Calvin Monnett will be coming in to collect his Star Wars prize from the Farmer's Market.  I've requested the family give me a head's up when they come in so we can take a photo, but that may not be the case.  His rug and two posters are currently hanging out behind the circ desk in the corner closest to the Ye Olde Book Store.   

~ Sandy

Modern Lovecraft Tales

Modern H.P. Lovecraft fans are usually placed in an uncomfortable positon when talking about the influential pulp writer: love the atmosphere, comsic terror, and cephalodic monsters; bummed about the often overt racism and xenaphobia. Here are some modern takes on Lovecraft's mythos while also addressing some of the racial issues underlying the author's works. 


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